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Rainwater Harvesting Overview

Over the last century, impervious surfaces like concrete, asphalt and roofing materials have been diverting natural rainwater absorption from developed areas and has begun depletion of the local underground aquifers. By capturing as much rainfall as possible from buildings and structures, we can use that water to irrigate landscaping during dry times and prevent erosion during times of high precipitation. By using rainwater for washing laundry, flushing toilets and pressure washing houses and vehicles, we can further contribute to water conservation by limiting the use of drinking water and reducing the energy used to pump that water from the municipal supply. The combination of these effects can greatly contribute to the conservation of our most precious natural resource - water.

Library of System Designs

RainHarvest Systems Library of Rainwater System Designs

If you're looking for a quick-start and would prefer to just browse through our drawings, our Library of Rainwater Collection System Designs is the perfect place to start. In our library you'll find our most popular systems ranging from residential to commercial, above ground and below ground, and from plastic to fiberglass and corrugated steel rainwater harvesting systems. You can download your system design in either PDF or DWG (CAD) formats and we'll be happy to help you customize the system to your needs. Just give us a call at 800-654-WATER (9283).

A Rain Harvest Masters Thesis by Bill Hicks, P.E.


Rain Harvesting in 10 steps- By RainHarvesting

State of Rainwater Harvesting In The US by Tammie Stark and Doug Pushard


These events have proven, year after year, to be successful in gathering professionals, from a variety of industries, and leading the conversations that ultimately facilitate countless design innovations and improvements. If you're networking at one of these shows, be sure to stop by our booth to improve your knowledge about the simplicity of rain harvesting!

Show Name:
International Builders Show
January 21st - 23rd, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
ASPE Convention and Expo
September 14th - 15th, 2020
New Orleans, LA

International Builders Show
We’ll be showcasing the latest rainwater harvesting components and systems at the Builders’ Show. Meet with us to learn how our systems increase efficiency and sustainability.

ASPE Convention and ExpoASPE Convention and Expo
We’re looking forward to connecting with you at the ASPE Convention and Expo. Learn more about how to we can help you design and specify your next rainwater harvesting system with our LEED Accredited professionals. Discover the newest technologies and trends, network with industry professionals, learn new skills, earn CEUs, and find practical solutions to common challenges directly from product engineers… all in one place!




State Rainwater Harvesting Laws and Legislation - National Conference of State Legislatures
ASPE and ARCSA Sign Joint Standards Development Agreement- American Society of Plumbing Engineers






Library of Rainwater System Designs- Free drawings and system design specifications - by RainHarvest Systems

Rainwater System Designs and Drawing Elements for Engineers and Architects - ARCAT

Customizable RainHarvest Sales Brochure- A free, downloadable, customizable sales brochure you can use to grow your business

Guidance on Use of Rainwater Tanks- from the Austrailian Government
Rainwater Plumbing Guide- from the South Australian Government

Rainwater Beer: A Case Study- by RainHarvest Systems

Rainwater System Pump Selection- by RainHarvest Systems

Recommendations for Designing Rain Harvesting Systems- by the Roofwater Harvesting Research Group
Air Conditioning Condensate Harvesting- by Phil Weynand, San Antonio Water System

Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use- Patricia Waterfall, Univ. of Airzona
Alaska Domestic Water Storage Tanks- Univ. of Alaska at Fairbanks Extension
Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Montana- Montana State University Extension


Ultraviolet Disinfection in Drinking Water Applications - Jack Holmgreen

Monitoring a New Green Roof for Water Quality and Quantity - Dr. Charles C. Glass, Mr. Peter A. Johnson



Steve Fisher's Rainwater Collection
Part 1 -Walkthrough
Part 2 -The Roof

Clackamas County Oregon

Preparedness 101
Water Storage Part 1from Anaheim California, Chlorine Considerations



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