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Groundwater Stable

Groundwater Stable

Groundwater stable cisterns are capable of being buried in areas where the groundwater table may rise above the tank burial depth. In most cases, these tanks can be submerged up to the top of the tank. Typically more expensive than other cisterns and tanks, these tanks are manufactured using ultra-high strength materials and designs which can withstand higher than normal burial pressures.

For additional information, read our  Article on Groundwater Stable Tanks

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  Size (Gallons) LxWxH Ships From Prod. Code Price  
Graf Platin 400 Gallon CisternGraf Platin 400 Gallon Cistern 400 Gallons 83x49x28 GA 390000 $1,499.95 more...
Graf Carat S 700 Gallon CisternGraf Carat S 700 Gallon Cistern 700 Gallons 82x62x79 GA 372001 $1,499.95 more...
Graf Platin 800 Gallon CisternGraf Platin 800 Gallon Cistern 800 Gallons 96x83x29 GA 390001 $2,599.95 more...
Graf Carat S 1000 Gallon CisternGraf Carat S 1000 Gallon Cistern 1000 Gallons 90x69x87 GA 372002 $1,779.95 more...
Graf Platin 1350 Gallon CisternGraf Platin 1350 Gallon Cistern 1350 Gallons 114x91x37 GA 390002 $3,699.95 more...
Graf Platin 2000 Gallon CisternGraf Platin 2000 Gallon Cistern 2000 Gallons 142x89x49 GA 390005 $6,699.95 more...
Graf Carat-XL 2650 Gallon Underground Water Storage TankGraf Carat-XL 2650 Gallon Underground Water Storage Tank 2650 Gallons 139x88x114 GA 372006 $4,499.95 more...
Graf Platin XXL 6600 Gallon CisternGraf Platin XXL 6600 Gallon Cistern 6600 Gallons 459x89x51 GA 391811 $19,929.95 more...
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