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Groundwater Stable Water Tanks

High groundwater buoyancy is a simple problem to solve when constructing a rainwater harvesting system. To some, the most obvious solution is to simply build an above ground system. This is of course an option, however, if you would prefer a below ground system to allow year round operation or if you merely do not have the space required above ground, solutions are still available. You simply need to choose the proper tank when beginning your design.

Groundwater stable tanks are designed to withstand the offsetting forces between buoyant (upward) forces and resistant (downward) forces in installations where the groundwater table exceeds the tank excavation depth.

There are two main types of ground water stable tanks that are available. One type of tank involves using a form of ballast in order to counter the force of the air in the tank. Another uses a "flat" design, with a minimal variable depth that also achieves a greater ratio of fill material ft3 to capacity ft3.




The most common type of tank that uses ballasts is a fiberglass tank. A fiberglass tank uses a series of pre-manufactured concrete deadmen. The deadmen are installed outside the tank diameter which increases the amount of backfill bearing down on the tank, countering the buoyant force of the tank when completely empty and completely submerged. This design ensures that you will never have to worry about the tanks popping out of the ground. Fiberglass tanks are available in various diameters and capacities from 4' - 12' and 600 - 50,000 gallons, respectively. At smaller capacities these tanks often do not make sense financially. A more cost effective solution is available for smaller capacity systems (< 6,000 gallons): the flat tank.

Graf Platin Groundwater Stable Cistern

The Graf Platin tank is a flat tank system that allows for installations in high ground water tables. This tank has a minimal burial depth of 40" - 62". The shallow burial, rigid, high strength design, and its thin, rectangular holding chamber shape all adds up to a high quality, easy to install, groundwater stable rainwater harvesting tank. By having a thin, rectangular holding chamber the tank is able to maximize the ratio of weight of fill to volume of capacity. The tank is able to use more fill to ballast its buoyancy than traditional tanks. This, coupled with its rigid design permits its stability in groundwater. This tank provides a more cost effective solution for a high groundwater table than the fiberglass tank for smaller systems. This tank comes in sizes from 425 - 2,000 gallons. As you can see we have the solution you need to counter your high groundwater table, regardless of size or application.


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