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RainHarvest Systems

RainHarvest Systems is your comprehensive resource for residential and commercial water harvesting, treatment and reuse products and systems. Our innovative products work seamlessly together to provide a solution for your specific requirements. Our systems, both residential and commercial, are designed around the same principle - the capture, treatment, and reuse of collected water.

Harvesting rain is a practice that has been around for centuries. Cisterns and other rain harvesting systems are used globally and are commonplace. Benefits of collected rainwater include eliminating constraints due to restrictions on municipal water, reducing dependency and cost of locally supplied water, and providing a secure and dependable water source free of chemical treatment.

Components of a water collection system typically include a collection surface, a downspout filter to keep out leaves and other large contaminants, a storage tank to hold the water, and a pump or gravity system to move the water. Optional items including system controls and treatment including sediment filtration, UV disinfection, and ozone purification technologies that can be integrated into the system.

Commercial and Industrial

Businesses are increasing their water reclamation and reuse for applications such as irrigation, plumbing fixtures, and industrial processes to:

  • reduce the strain on the water supply
  • meet local government requirements
  • achieve LEED credits
  • reduce water costs
  • meet sustainability goals
  • be good neighborhood and community stewards.


Collected water can be used for outside applications such as irrigation and washing cars, and indoor uses such as flushing toilets and washing clothes to mention a few. Rainwater can be purified to use for bathing or as everyday drinking water. Rainharvesting is a great solution for off-grid living, and for many who depend solely on rain for day-to-day life.

Whether it's selecting one of our preconfigured systems or working with our design team to identify components for a custom solution, we're here to help.