RainFlo MiniGenO3 OZ 750 Ozone Generator

RainFlo MiniGenO3 OZ 750 Ozone Generator

RainFlo MiniGenO3 generates ozone to improve water quality in storage tanks. Treats tanks up to 15,000 gallons, and ships with weighted stone and 20' of tubing.

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Product Overview:

Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent used for water treatment globally. Ozone treats water in the same way as chlorine, but without a chemical byproduct, storage of dangerous chemicals, or complex dosing regimens. Ozone may be used to prevent stagnation of water that will be stored for long periods of time.

The RainFlo MiniGenO3 is an economical ozone generator designed to purify and improve water quality in storage containers up to 15,000 gallons under ideal conditions. The process of purifying water with ozone can be affected by temperature and initial water quality. For applications in warmer climates or with excessively poor initial water quality, oversizing ozone generators to ensure adequate capacity is recommended. The compact, powerful MiniGenO3 is easy to install and can be mounted outside near the storage tank using a standard 120V electrical outlet. With ozone output of 0.75 grams per hour and a maximum depth of 4 feet, rely on the MiniGenO3 for dependable water treatment.

Benefits of Using Ozone:

Ozone destroys bacteria, molds, and mildew, eliminates spores, yeast, and fungus, deactivates viruses and cysts, and will oxidize and destroy oils and other contaminants in water. Ozone will reduce or eliminate the need for high levels of harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bromine, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Ozone aids in the removal of minerals such as iron, sulfur and manganese. Ozone also removes irritating chloramines and objectionable odors. Ozone leaves no unpleasant chemical taste and is less corrosive than chlorine. Ozone dissolved in water will not irritate skin, nose, or ears, nor will it dry out or leave a chemical film on skin. Ozone does not affect the pH balance of water like traditional chemical treatment methods. Ozone is a powerful sanitizer and oxidizer and reverts back into oxygen, leaving no harmful byproducts whatsoever.
  • Ozone kills microorganisms.
  • Ozone destroys biofilm.
  • Ozone destroys Humic and Fulvic Acid.
  • Ozone destroys sulfur odors and other foul odors.
  • Ozone kills Cryptosporidium parvum. UV inactivates it.

  • Rainwater
  • Pool/Spa
  • Well/potable water storage
  • Stock tanks
  • Fire protection tanks
  • Water Purification
  • Irrigation/greenhouse
Dimensions: 8.75”H x 9”W x 5.5”D
Input Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Operating Current:
Ozone Output: 0.75 gram/hr
Power Consumption: 25W
Operating Pressure: 16kPa/2.32 PSI
Ozone Tubing/Diffuser Stone: 20’/4’ max depth


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