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Commercial and Industrial Rainharvesting Systems

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RainHarvest Systems designs and manufactures many different water reuse systems. Our systems include pumping, filtration, treatment, controls, and storage options to meet varying design specifications. RainHarvest System offers two product lines of systems including our RainFlo and Progressive Pump & Treatment brands.

RainHarvest Systems Commercial UVC System

Progressive Pump & Treatment UVC systems are custom pumping and water treatment systems designed for commercial and industrial water reuse applications. Our systems implement proprietary continuous and verifiable disinfection. Our PLC based pumping, treatment, and control systems are ideal for applications up to 150 GPM and 150 PSI. Our propriety system controls make every system easy to program, operate, and analyze. Some of the many options include BAS connectivity, remote monitoring, and onboard ozone generators.

The Progressive Pump & Treatment carwash reclamation systems are purpose built to reclaim and clean carwash water. These systems reclaim up to 70% of water and pump from 15 GPM to 200 GPM. Progressive Pump & Treatment systems have been used all over the world to reduce municipal water dependency for carwash owners.
RainHarvest Systems Commercial UVC System
The RainFlo UVS systems are ideal where an easy-to-install, cost effective, reliable, complete system is desired for reclaimed water applications. Building on the field tested RainFlo products, each system includes a pump, VFD, sediment filtration, UV disinfection, and system controls to deliver disinfected water at a constant pressure and variable flow rate for use in irrigation, flushing toilets, cooling towers and other uses. RainFlo UVS systems are the best in their class and offer 25 GPM, 40 GPM, or 60 GPM to meet your specific needs. All systems are designed to fit through a standard 30” door making them perfect for use in existing buildings and new construction alike.

RainHarvest Systems Commercial Corrugated Steel Storage

Contact us for assistance and additional information on a system for your specified end use.

Our experience includes:

  • Industrial process water
  • Toilet/urinal flushing
  • Laundry processes
  • Cooling tower make-up systems
  • Parks and splash pads
  • Greenhouse systems
  • Commercial irrigation
  • Bus washing facilities
  • Car wash water reclamation

Commercial and Industrial-specific Products:

RainHarvest Systems Commercial Underground Storage

Rainharvest Systems Commercial Underground EcoBloc Storage


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