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How to be Covered During Drought Seasons

Over the last century, impervious surfaces like concrete, asphalt and roofing materials have been diverting natural rainwater absorption from developed areas and has begun depletion of the local underground aquifers. By capturing as much rainfall as possible from buildings and structures, we can use that water to irrigate landscaping during especially dry times. By using rainwater for washing laundry, flushing toilets and pressure washing houses and vehicles, we can further contribute to water conservation by limiting the consumption of drinking water and reducing the energy used to pump that water from the municipal supply. The combination of these effects can greatly contribute to the conservation of our most precious natural resource - water.

The Long Term Solution to Georgia's Water Supply Challenges
If you're looking for a quick-start and would prefer to just browse through our drawings, our Library of Rainwater Collection System Designs is the perfect place to start. In our library you'll find our most popular systems ranging from residential to commercial, above ground and below ground, and from plastic to fiberglass and corrugated steel rainwater harvesting systems. You can download your system design in either PDF or DWG (CAD) formats and our experts will gladly help you customize the system to your needs. Just give us a call at 800-654-WATER (9283).

To Get the Most Out of Rainharvesting During a Drought

✔ Bypass First Flush ✔ Clean All Filters ✔ Ensure No Leakage

Our product offerings include:
  • Industrial rainwater filters
  • Stormwater filtration
  • Infiltration and retention systems
  • RainFlush Treated Toilet and Urinal Systems
  • Rainwater storage tanks
  • Industrial pump stations
  • Choke drain shafts
  • Pump control stations
  • Complex system control
  • Water purification systems
  • Water sterilization systems

Find a remedy for this:

Georgia Drought Picture Georgia Drought Picture

By utilizing some of these:
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RainFlo 1700-IG Rainwater Collection System Graf EcoBloc Light Modular Water Storage System

U.S. Drought Monitor

Added Bonus:
Our Rainwater Systems Are EXCLUDED From
Drought Watering Restrictions

With our rain water harvesting systems you won’t have to comply to the water restrictions during drought seasons. Even under normal rainfall conditions, it’s likely to experience several periods of many consecutive days without rain. When the rain finally falls, we can help you catch it!

★ Long Term Investment ★ No Watering Ban ★ Erosion Prevention

Find a remedy for this:

Georgia Drought Picture Georgia Drought Picture

By utilizing some of these:
(click pictures for product information)

Aqua2Use Greywater Recycling System Graf 430 Gallon Herkules Tank


Value Added Products