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Differences between GreyWater and a Rainwater Harvesting System

There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions regarding the various types of water recycling systems. For instance, a rainwater harvesting system is typically thought of as the same thing as a greywater system. This is simply not true. Sometimes, the use of harvesting rainwater to flush toilets is confused with greywater terminology but this application is much simpler and is an easily installed rainwater system component.

Although either structure will help redistribute water and possibly purify or filter it, they do not perform the same task. Rainharvesting products and any other rainwater systems is meant only to refer to rainwater; specifically, water that has not yet been in the home. Greywater systems, on the other hand, only use water that has already been through a home once. Understanding these differences is critical in making an informed decision about which system type meets your water saving needs.

Greywater Systems Explained

Greywater Systems

Before you can understand the benefits of using a system for converting greywater, you need to be familiar with the background concept. Greywater is considered to be wastewater from domestic sources like laundry, bathroom sinks, or showers. Kitchen sinks and dishwashers are usually excluded for bacterial and legal reasons. Greywater makes up approximately 50 to 80 percent of all wastewater coming from homes and other residences.

There are three different levels of water according to cleanliness. White water is fresh, completely clean and potable. Blackwater, though, is considered heavily polluted by chemical and biological contaminants. Greywater is in between in terms of sanitation. It frequently appears to be cloudy, but it can be filtered and reused.

The option of recycling this water, like rain harvesting, can be simple and useful. Greywater systems can either purify water from the home or just redistribute it. Some individuals like being able to redirect water from sinks and showers to places on their property other than the sewer. Others feel that this is not sanitary enough, and the water needs to be filtered first. Whichever option you believe in, RainHarvest can help you find the perfect solution. Although working with greywater from the home is not the same as using a rainwater harvesting system, both systems are excellent alternatives for reusing the water available to us.


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