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Rainwater Cisterns for Private Homes

Rainwater Cisterns

A cistern is a container for holding liquids such as water. They are generally used for rainwater catchment and storing rainwater. Currently, some individuals choose to use theirs to supply water for everything from drinking water to washing clothes. Most, however, only use this water for irrigation because of concerns over the quality of the water.

Different models of rainwater cisterns offer an assortment of different features. Some are equipped with pumps and filters. Others are completely open while some are only partially covered from the elements. Each of these variations serve a specific purpose in harvesting rainwater. Cisterns that come without a cover are perfect for collecting the maximum amount of rainwater. They can however also collect mosquitoes and algae that could carry diseases harmful to humans. This is why most people choose covered models for their rain harvesting. A quality cistern can be a great addition to your house.

Personal Rain Harvesting

Although cisterns can be used for drinking water after taking the appropriate precautions, a simpler rainwater harvesting system is ideal for irrigation. Many farms or properties with expansive landscaping can benefit from the addition of a cistern for rain harvesting. There is no need to pay to use and waste city water supplies when you can instead take advantage of your own system. Rainwater cisterns provide quality water for your crops and plants especially during dry seasons when cities may enforce water restrictions. A rain harvesting system can also improve the resale value of your home or businesses.

About once or twice a year, it's a good idea to perform basic maintenance on your cistern. It should be checked for the condition of the cistern itself and the water. The filter elements should be cleaned of any debris at the beginning and end of the rainy season. For safety, make sure that it is completely closed if it has a lid. Purchasing the highest quality product will help reassure that you are using excellent water. Find a rainwater harvest unit that suits your needs for size, value and performance at RainHarvest Systems.


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