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Rain Water Barrels Provide Great Benefits!

There is a growing demand for fresh water and with such a limited supply, many environmental groups and associations are looking for alternative ways to develop and conserve fresh water. One way is through rain harvesting. Rain water harvesting is an innovative process that captures, diverts and stores rain water for future use. The rain is captured in rain water barrels and then put through a complex detoxification system. A lot of times the rain water that has been harvested is used for landscaping and farming purposes. The reason for this is because the water is free of harmful minerals and salts that can damage crops and plants. The types and number of plants along with growth stages and sizes determines how much water they need to stay healthy. Because of this, rain water collection systems come in various sizes to better fit your specific needs. Rain water harvesting has many great benefits for the ecosystem such as attracting wildlife, preventing flooding and erosion, reducing run-off and contamination of surface water.

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Rain Water Collection Systems: Potable vs. Nonpotable

Rain water collection systems are not just for outdoor uses. Harvested rain water can also be used in homes and residential complexes.  You can use this water for doing laundry, flushing toilets or watering indoor plants. However, if you are planning on using harvested water for making food and so on, you need to make sure you have a system specific for potable water. These systems have a much more intense detoxification process so that contaminations such as debris and chemicals are filtered out before consumption.  If you are considering purchasing rain water barrels for potable purposes, it is recommended to purchase one with nanofiltration membranes. This system removes parasites, bacteria and viruses. You also need to be especially careful to keep your nonpotable water secluded from the potable water. This will help prevent accidental consumption on nonpotable water. Now that you have some background information you can decide which you will be using your harvested water for then pick the system that suits you best. For a wide range of rain water systems please visit our website at


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