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Rain Water Barrels

If you have been considering harvesting rain and utilizing the rain water for your home, you’ve likely done a lot of homework. If you have decided to incorporate rain water barrels into your methods, consider Rain Harvest your top source for rain water collection information and to purchase a rain water barrel and any necessary accessories.

Using rain water barrels is a fairly simple way to collect and use rain water. Not only are these a great system for use, they are also very attractive to place in a garden setting, whether your home is remotely located or in the middle of a subdivision. Browse our collection of rain water barrels to find the right style and color to accent your décor and your home.

Additional features to the barrel system include a hose that prevents overflow, which can be funneled towards the ground or to another barrel. Also, these systems are often gravity-powered, which means they are less complicated than those that run off of a battery or other power source.

Additional Benefits

Although you’ve likely read about the many benefits to collecting rain water for a variety of uses, here are some of the benefits to getting started with a barrel system:

  • Be a part of the solution to reducing the water shortage
  • Reducing your impact on the environment
  • Save money on water bills
  • Improves the health of your garden and home greenery
  • Encourages others to follow suit

Contact Rain Harvest today to find out more or check out our link to Resources for a wealth of additional information about protecting the environment and helpful information about rain water collection in particular. You’ll find government reports, reliable articles and much more.

After your explored your options and are ready to get started with a rain barrel water saver, contact us or order yours using our secure site.

Read more about rain barrel supplies and other rain water collection systems.


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