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Collecting Rain Water

How do you use water wisely to help decrease your monthly water bill and help the environment? You can start by collecting rain water. You may be focusing on your family’s budget and would like to use rain water as a resource can help you depend less on municipal water supplies.

With a collecting system, collecting rain water and using it for household purposes is definitely doable, and RainHarvest Systems is here to help. We provide you solutions to save money on your bill while you help the environment. Products are available individually or can be purchased as part of a complete system.

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Rainwater Collection System

As you may already be aware, uses for rainwater are many. You can use collected water for washing laundry, flushing toilets, irrigation and more. RainHarvest has complete systems ready for you to purchase today. And at affordable prices, your next rainwater collection system will pay for itself over time.
How do you choose the right rainwater collecting system ? You can start by determining how much water you use. When you review your next water bill, note how many gallons of water you consumed. Then refer to our website to gauge your needs.

If you use a lot of water, consider a 1700 gallon in-ground tank. Other complete systems include tanks with capacities as large as 865 gallons, 430 gallons, 350 gallons, and 214 gallons. You can choose between in-ground or above ground systems too. Other options are available as the inventory of tanks is comprehensive at RainHarvest Systems.

Once you have determined needed capacity and know which tank you’ll purchase, you can decide on accessories. Plumbing and fittings are especially important if you plan on using rainwater for laundry and flushing toilets. Maximize you savings today and take a look, or contact us for assistance.

Let RainHarvest Systems help you in your quest to be a responsible citizen of the planet.


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