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Rain Harvesting Products

Most households use a lot of water. We leave the water running while we brush our teeth, wash five-plus loads a laundry a week, wash dishes, irrigate our lawns, and other daily maintenance tasks. But we don’t always stop to think about where we get our water and how much we’re actually using. We just pay the monthly water bill.

Our goal is to help you save money on your next bill. Check out our rain harvesting products and customized solutions. The products you see can be used to irrigate your lawn, power wash your home, flush toilets, and even wash your laundry. You’ll notice a difference on your water bills after re-using rain water you collected.

You can purchase complete systems, equipped with everything you need to start harvesting rain. We offer solutions to fit any family, with water tanks as large as 1700 gallons. Or if you prefer something in between that and the smaller 214-gallon tank, you’ll also find 350 and 430 gallon tanks.

You can also put together a system from individual components sold here. We have pumps and controllers to distribute rain water. We also carry individual tanks. The largest we stock is a 10,000-gallon tank. The smallest available is 70 gallons. The size of your tank depends on your climate and your water consumption. If it doesn’t rain that often, then perhaps you need a bigger tank to store as much rainwater as possible for when it does rain.

Make sure you check out Accessories. You’ll find what you need in terms of system controls (digital water indicators, valves, and pumps), tank accessories (strainers, pipes), tank risers and lids, tools (for installing your rain water system), and signs (warning signs not to drink the water).

The rain harvesting products you see are affordable. Before you know it, you’ll see a difference in your water bill and will be glad you started using rain water for your household needs.

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