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Rain Barrel Supplies

With a focus on going green, people are finally making the move toward re-using materials and reducing waste. While many of us recycle on a daily basis, there are many other easy ways to help minimize the amount of water and energy we use. For example, using a rainbarrel is a simple way to store and re-use water. This is probably one of the easiest ways for just about anyone to take a step toward going green.

A rainbarrel is an inexpensive purchase and will not only help save you money, but will also help save the environment. You will be able to irrigate during droughts and prevent stormwater runoff. The concept of rainwater collection is very simple, yet it can make a large impact on the environment. People have been using rain water barrels for centuries. The products available today are designed for maximum durability and effectiveness. They are designed to be hooked into a downspout and they also have a handy spigot. There is really no work involved to catch rain water. Barrels come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Rain Water Barrels, Catchment Systems

We can help you select a rainwater harvesting device that meets your budget and is visually appealing. If you are looking or something classic, check out our red and white oak barrels. If durability and low maintenance is at the top of your list, you should investigate a plastic rain barrel. Supplies to maintain these systems are minimal since this water is designed to be used for irrigation purposes. These containers can be placed anywhere outdoors. And they have a sturdy lid so there is no need to worry about small children or animals falling into the container.

Why Use a Rainbarrel

Many people like to start with a simple catchment system. After they become comfortable with a rain barrel, supplies for more advanced systems can be purchased and installed. Rainharvesting products allow for storing larger amounts of water and with the proper filtration, can even turn rainwater into drinking water. Our catchment systems are designed for residential and commercial use. We can help you determine which type of design and system would work best for your site and needs. We understand that the process may seem daunting at first, which is why we will take you through the entire process.


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