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Harvesting Rainwater Saves Money

Every little bit helps, and when you can alter the way you do something to save a little money now, it can add up. Harvesting rainwater is one of those things. Instead of watering your lawn with city water, why not use water that falls directly from the sky? It’s almost like a gift from the heavens—free water.
With the proper equipment, you can start harvesting rainwater yourself. It’s an investment now that will pay dividends when your monthly water bill comes, and also an investment in the environment. You can learn more by purchasing books. Click on the Products tab and then select “Books and Classes” on the left hand side.
Once you’re on the Products page, you can view our most popular products or you can browse our tanks, rain barrels, pumps and controllers, filtration options, or you can even check out our complete systems. You’ll find everything you need to get started.

Additional Information:
Harvesting Rainwater
Collecting Rain Water

Rainwater Cisterns

Collecting rainwater is really easy. All you need to do is research rainwater cisterns and find one that best fits your needs. Consider what you’ll use the water for and estimate how many gallons you’ll need. RainHarvest Systems has many you can choose from.
For the budget minded consumer, we have rain barrels and tanks. These are great if you’re going to use the water for a variety of tasks like watering your garden or lawn, washing your car, or even rinsing off paintbrushes and tools.
We even have rainwater cisterns that are part of complete systems. Check out RainMaster systems. They come ready for installation with a tank, filtrations package, pump, and more. The largest available tank holds 1700 gallons of water. The smallest holds 350 gallons. Other options you can decide on are above ground or in ground systems.
Choosing to collect rain water is a step in the right direction. You’ll notice a difference not only on your water bill every month, but also in the ways you find to use rainwater. Call if you have questions or to place your order: 770-889-2533.


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