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Collecting Rain Water, Greywater

Rainwater collection, supported by Rain Harvest Systems with products, accessories, pumps, barrels and more, can be complemented with another water gathering initiative for greater homestead economy and Earth stewardship. Greywater systems are based on collecting wastewater that comes from residential activities like laundry, showering or bathing and washing dishes. It’s interesting to note that the preponderance of wastewater generated by homes is greywater that could be recycled instead and use in irrigation. Find out more by ordering Art Ludwig’s books featured here.

Explore more information regarding Rainwater Collection Systems by exploring our site's articles today.

Rain Water Collection System

If you are shopping for system to install for collecting rain water, you’ll find great products here, ready for shipment. Rain water harvesting begins when you have determined water usage. You can look at your water bill if you are on city water, or you can hook up a meter to your water line. Next, you can determine how much rain can be harvested from your roof. Find out your annual rainfall and your roof’s area. Information is provided here to help with these calculations; consider purchasing one of our books that describe the process of setting up rainwater harvesting and collection systems in detail.

Once you know how much rainwater you’ll be able to collect you can decide how much of it you will be storing. You’ll need to consider your options for filtering the water. See your rain water collection system options that make it easy to get started.

Rain Barrels

One simple way to collect rain is with one of our rain barrels that provide all of the essential features needed for safely collecting rain. Whether you choose the red oak barrel or our Flat-Back rain barrel that is easily situated near the side of a building, you can expect the effective transformation of rain to soft, clean water with very little set up.


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