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Practical Solutions on Collecting Rain Water

The vagaries of climate and weather call for innovative ideas and approaches to gardening, landscaping, architecture, building, engineering, plumbing and water conservation policy-making and legislation. Thus the efforts of those who have been perfecting the techniques and tools for collecting rain water, or rain harvesting, for practical uses over the past few decades are now having a positive effect, to say the least. Rain water collection systems, once rudimentary configurations that were at most practicable, have evolved into sophisticated long-term solutions for collecting, storing and using rain water for many day to day applications. Practical uses can be garden and ground irrigation, and washing cars. This is not to say that the basic, homegrown rain barrel is obsolete. By no means. Explore the possibilities that we have available and be on your way to collecting rain water for your outdoor needs!

Several New Features With Rain Water Collection Systems

However, advanced options and systems do exist and are being incorporated by many to save money and conserve water for indoor and outdoor applications. From New York City public schools to commercial ventures in California and around the world, advancements in rain water collection systems are helping to make this once "outside the box" venture common, practical and simple. The easier and more cost-effective it is to collect, store and use rainwater, the more likely the practice will become part of "how things are done" everywhere. We rely on the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association and other similar groups of forward thinking engineers and others, both private and commercially motivated, to serve as hubs of innovation.

Collecting rain water now includes features such as:

  • Standardized components that make efforts more predictable and cost-effective
  • Complete systems for rainwater harvesting that are compact
  • Filtration: commercial, downspout, first-flush, in-ground, in-tank and UV
  • Below-ground cisterns and low profile components that allow for sleek incorporation
  • Rainwater filters for roofs with high levels of efficiency no matter how much rainwater must be filtered
  • Solar-powered pumping systems with batteries to extend operation times
  • Small components that provide the aesthetic appeal and durable performance to enhance rainwater collection, including downspout clips, stainless steel downspout filters and inlets
  • Continuous-duty sump pumps, submersible pumps with floating filters, standalone pump bases dedicated to particular cistern pump sizes

Read more about our rainbarrels and other great products you ca use when harvesting rainwater at, and let us know if you have any questions. We are available Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm eastern by phone 770-889-2533. Or you can email us at any time at


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