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Collecting Rain Water For Certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design was created by the US Green Building Council in order to provide standards for green buildings. The project was headed by senior scientist Robert Watson of the Natural Resources Defense Council in 1994. Over the next decade the focus of the group shifted from just creating a standard for new construction projects to a complete system of interrelated standards. These new criteria cover everything from development to construction.

LEED's new goals include the following:

  • Define what a green building is
  • Promote complete building design practices
  • Acknowledge environmental leadership in the industry
  • Encourage competition in green standards
  • Raise awareness about benefits of green building
  • Transform the building market

When discussing complete building design, the topic of collecting rain water should be mentioned. Without addressing water usage plans a building cannot be completely green. One easy way to ensure the green status of a building is by including rain water collection systems. No matter how big or small, a structure must be sound in its water consumption and usage.

Rain Water Collection Systems

At RainHarvest Systems we hold the same standards in harvesting rainwater as those established by LEED. Our rain water collection systems provide a great step towards following the organization's rules. One issue that must be addressed in becoming LEED certified is the issue of water usage. Regardless of whether you are trying to implement every detail established by LEED for green buildings or you are looking for a few small ways to be more environmentally conscious, we can help. Collecting rain water is an easy way to conserve water and make a big impact on your life and the world around you.


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