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Rain Water Collection and the US Green Building Council

The US Green Building Council, a non-profit organization based out of Washington DC, is an advocacy group with a stated goal of increasing sustainability in building design, construction and operation. The USGBC offers a wide range of educational services to further raise awareness for their cause.

The organization hosts workshops and seminars in order to spread understanding about the various elements of the green building industry. These workshops are open to everyone from the general public to construction industry professionals and aim to educate participants about green bulding, what that means, and how to achieve it. The information they provide can range from the complete basic facts to very technical details.

This includes information on rain water collection. The USGBC promotes new technology and old stand bys that benefit the earth. The council believes that installing a rain water collection system can greatly improve the green status of your building or home.

The council has over 15,000 member organizations. These members come from every different division of the construction industry. They work together to encourage the building of structures that are respectful to the environment and healthy places to live and work. The Green Building Certification Institute gives professionals the tools they need to become experts in the field. They can also gain accreditation within the green building community.

Rain Water Collection System Benefits

Rainwater collection systems benefit the earth in several ways. By harvesting rainwater for irrigation, mother nature's natural resource is slowly released back into aquifers and streams which recharges ground water supplies and decreases erosion. Rainwater is also best for plants because it doesn't include chlorine. When used for urinals, toilets, or laundry, it reduces the demand on the public water system. Rain water collection systems add value to any home or building.

At RainHarvest Systems, we share the same goals as the USGBC. This is why we want our customers to have the best rain water collection system for their structures. We are members of the council and believe we can help cultivate the world. Rain water collection and green building is a small step towards making our environment a little greener.


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