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Water Barrels

It’s easy to collect and store the precious resource that falls from the skies with our rainbarrels. Though doing so used to be low tech and inefficient or a do-it-yourself project that could cost more in time and money than eager conservationists might have expected, it’s not so difficult these days. You can purchase water barrels ready to blend in with your home’s outdoor features and designed to catch, screen, store and use with little effort.

See the rainbarrel options here and let us know if you have a question or two. We’re here to help. See our models of 50-gallon flat-back water barrels, all fitted with inlet screens and spigots, all linkable to allow you an even greater rainbarrel capacity, and all fitted with shut-off valves for easy hose hook up. Or consider purchasing more capacity with the 65-gallon barrel, available with the same features and fitted with a childproof, bolt-on lid. For those who would rather not use plastic, we carry the White Oak Wine Rain Barrel fitted with the hose bib, screen, downspout adapter and overflow elbow found in other rainbarrels. This will make a handsome addition to any back yard garden while providing the soft, clean water needed to keep that garden growing and green.

Irrigation System?

Using a rainwater catchment system can be as simple as hooking up your hose to the water collected, or it can be as sophisticated as installing an irrigation system to take the rain from your roof to the greenery surrounding your home or commercial building. If you decide to connect an irrigation system to your rain barrel, remember to use a filter washer in the faucet adapter. This serves to prevent unfiltered dirt or grit from entering the distribution line. Other tips are available through the links provided here.

Of course, you can always contact us directly. We’re committed to helping more households take advantage of this wonderful way of reducing carbon footprints while making life a bitter greener.

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