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Rainwater Harvesting System

Here at Rain Harvest Systems, we provide premium rainwater harvesting system options, water barrels and more! Whether you have other green initiatives integrated into your home or business or are just beginning to consider better use of resources, we have everything you need right here, including all of the information you need first to purchase your rainbarrel, or other rain catchment.

Consider us your go-to spot for learning more about different methods of capturing and using rain. You can find out how to use a simple rainwater barrel and calculate the rainfall in particular months or regions. Turn to our Resources pages to see what we mean.

Here you will find:

  • Tips and techniques for using a rainwater collection system
  • Calculators for planning and implementing a water capturing set-up on your property
  • Examples and guidelines for integrating a system and using it to its full advantage
  • Best practices for water quality and other factors
  • Videos and articles available online


Our products are top of the line and we take great pains to make sure our customers and other ecologically minded people have the information they need to conserve water. Read through some of the information to learn more, and bookmark the site to order your first rainwater harvesting system or accessories you need for expanding the operation.

Rainwater Collection System: Customer Service

Although rainwater collection has been around for centuries, translating the practice into the modern era has proved to be more costly and inconvenient than many would like. We would like to change that here at Rain Harvest Systems. We work with a number of dealers and distributors, which means we can pass along significant savings for the purchase of every rainwater collection system we carry.

You will find many resources and a number of ways to order your system; we’re set up for your greatest convenience. We also house a showroom, laboratory, and warehouse in Atlanta, GA. We are available in person and by phone to answer any questions you may have or to help you decide which model will suit you best. Browse around the site, purchase the items you need, or contact us today.


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