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Rain Water Barrels and More

If you want to live a little greener, consider the rain water barrels and rain water collection systems we offer here at Rain Harvest Systems. Working with leading distributors helps us to offer cost-effective solutions for every customer.

Take a look at the products. Based on aesthetics, skill level, or geographic restrictions, you may be more interested in one system than another. Or you may want to read up on different models or get more information in general. First, look at the product detailed descriptions—this may help you make your choice. Or, go through our Resources page to get even more information, both on your options and on rain harvesting in general.

Read on to learn some interesting facts about the history of rain harvesting.

Rain Water Collection: Historical Facts

  • Documentation of rain water collection dates back to Babylonian and Roman civilizations, but one can assume that the practice has been around since the beginning of human times.
  • Around the third century in India, people collected water in clay jugs and were punished for not doing so.


  • Rain water barrels came into use in the Roman Empire around 300 A.D., but wooden barrels may have been used for centuries before that.
  • Barrels were the preferred method of transport for many items to the New World. Once the goods were removed, barrels could be reused as rain-water-collection receptacles.


These are some fun facts, but maybe you are looking for some more information to move forward with confidence. See the glossary of terms here or try out one of the calculating tools that make it easy to estimate your needs. You will also find a number of user guides and detailed instructions—some on video. If you’re still feeling a bit daunted, think about this: First, people have been successfully harvesting rainwater for centuries and you can too! Second, Rain Harvest Systems is always here to help—use the resources located throughout this site or stop by or call us. We’re passionate about what we do and how it impacts the environment. And we’re committed to providing the resources you need and the tools to get the job done at a reasonable price. Let us know what else we can do to help you get started today.



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