RainFlo AGB-PRO Above Ground Rainwater Collection Bundle

RainFlo AGB-PRO Above Ground Rainwater Collection Bundle
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RainFlo professional above ground rainwater collection Bundle. You choose the tank and this above ground package includes everything else you need to construct your own rainwater collection system.
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Package Includes:

RainFlo RF125 Submersible Pump
RainFlo 1.25 HP rainwater pump - Heavy-duty, high performance 115V/60Hz 1.25 horsepower 3-stage submersible pump with 1.25" threaded inlet to easily accept a floating extractor. Produces up to 24 GPM and up to 78 PSI.
RainFlo PC115A Automatic Pump Controller
RainFlo 115V automatic pump controller - Provides automatic multifunction control for your water pump.

Graf 1.25" Floating Extractor - The floating extractor consists of an air-filled ball which suspends the floating inlet filter 4" below the water's surface where the cleanest and most oxygenated water resides.

Graf Overflow Siphon - Removes floating debris from the rainwater cistern when the tank begins to overflow by creating a siphoning action. Also aids in mosquito prevention and provides water a path to flow when the tank is full.

Graf Calming Inlet - Connected to the inlet pipe to prevent sediment disturbance, improve tank oxygen levels, and prevent water swirling. Also acts as a mosquito deterrent.

(2) 4" Multi-Tite Gaskets - Used to produce a watertight seal around the inlet pipe and the overflow siphon.

1.25" Bulkhead Fitting - Supplied for the penetration required to run your pump discharge line out to your irrigation system or home.

Leaf Eater Advance Rain Head - Prevents debris from entering the rainwater collection system, improves water quality and reduces tank maintenance

First Flush Kit - Captures the most contaminated, "first flush" of water that runs off of the rooftop to improve the overall cistern water quality.

(3) Pump Connection Kit - MPT to hose barb adapter and marine-grade stainless steel hose clamp to connect the RainFlo pump to the floating extractor. Also used to run your pump line out of the bulkhead at the tank penetration.

*Tank not included.
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