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Rain Water Collection Systems

Imagine a world where bodies of water are scarce. What will you do? Since water is such an essential part of our lives, we need to take advantage of every way to conserve. Rain water collection systems can help us use less water from traditional bodies of water by collecting water from Mother Nature.

There are many ways you can start harvesting rain water. Collection systems available through this site come complete with everything you need. And at affordable prices, you won’t be able to resist. Some components include a tank, filters, automatic pumps, and more. Systems can be in ground or above ground, whichever you prefer. Above ground tanks are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Check out barrels and other large, child and wildlife proof containers.

Greywater Systems Guide

What happens to used water from washing mashing machines, dishwashers, and bathing? It can go back into the sewers or you can consider greywater systems to recycle it instead. Recycling used water can be a cost effective way of reusing water from everyday sources (with the exception of toilets). For instance, greywater systems can use water from a shower or laundry as water for irrigation. Water is recycled through a filter making it safe for gardening and watering your lawn.

Check out our greywater guide. If you’re building a new home or looking to renovate, it’s a great option to not only conserve water, but also to save money by reusing water you’ve already used. The guide will teach you how to incorporate a system into your home.

RainHarvest Systems is in the business of providing practical water saving solutions for homeowners just like you. We understand that growing families use more water and are often stuck with high water bills. We also understand that water is slowly becoming more and more scarce. Our solutions are environmentally and budget friendly. Browse our site and call us today.


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