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Yaktek FAQs

Does the tank have to be empty to install the gauge?

No, all gauges are mounted on the roof and there is no need to enter the tank.

Is the Levetator affected by wind?

Yes, but being a relatively heavy aluminium diecasting, the indicator doesn’t move all that much, and in 99% of cases there is no problem. If the site is particularly exposed to high winds a wind guard made of 90mm slotted PVC stormwater pipe or a sheet metal channel is effective. Better still, use a Liquidator instead – the indicator is captive on the pipe and unaffected by wind.

Does the gauge have to be near the manhole?

No, the Levetator, Liquidator and Level Devil can all be mounted readily anywhere on the the tank roof. For the Dipstik, mounting is easier if it is adjacent to the manhole.

My tank has a steep roof, is this a problem?

No, all indicators can be mounted on roofs as steep as 45°.

What if my tank hasn’t got a roof?

No problem, we can supply a bracket for open top galvanized iron tanks or a clamp for open top concrete tanks.

How much maintenance is needed?

Very little, Yaktek gauges are built to last. We recommend that they are checked occasionally to make sure they move freely – it is possible that spider webs, mud wasp nests, dust build-up, etc., could restrict movement. Water can be used for cleaning but never lubricate with oil – it will attract dust.

How long does the cord last?

Indefinitely, as long as the gauge is mounted properly so that the cord cannot touch or chafe on the tank roof. Some Levetators still have their original polyester cord after 15 or more years. If there is some concern that the water may adversely affect the cord (eg bore water) stainless steel wire is available as an option for both Levetators and Liquidators.

Comments From Satisfied Yaktek Clients

"So good that I want two more."Malcolm Ross, Holbrook

"I am that pleased with your Levetator that I want another one."
Tom Bruckwell, Woomelang

"It has worked perfectly since its installation, is easily visible, and allows a talking point to visitors to whom I extol its virtues. Thank you again for your very prompt service and very good gauge."Mrs I. Wade, Yass

"They're really great, especially the reflective band - you can see it from 200 metres away by torchlight."Dr S. Davis, Yackandandah

"I already have these fitted to concrete tanks and wouldn't be without one, they work wonderfully."R.L. Peterson, Newstead

"...Please send me another 2 Levetator water level indicators. The first unit I bought in 1986 and I think it has proved by now that it will last, as it certainly has proved to be an essential part of our water supply and a real time saver as well."
Peter Arnold, Carabost, April 2001


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