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Rainbarrels, Accessories, and More

You’re looking for supplies to get started harvesting rainwater. Or maybe you’ve been at it for many years and are just seeking upgrades to your system. Either way, welcome to RainHarvest Systems.

We are truly invested in what we do. Like you, we believe that collecting, storing and using rainwater is an efficient and cost-effective means of utilizing rainwater and recognize that rainwater collection can have a significant positive impact on the environment.

If you don’t know already, we’d like to share some good news: Collecting rainwater with rainbarrels and other collection systems to use in gardening, farming, etc. is easier and more convenient than you may have thought. Find out what we mean: browse the products, literature and other guides here to understand the range of methods that can be used.

Some of the rainbarrels you’ll find:

  • Rain King Rain Barrel, a 65 gallon barrel, is easy to install and includes basic features, such as a spigot and hose
  • Flat Back Rain Barrel, a 50 gallon barrel will both serve your rainwater collection needs and provide a decorative accent in your landscape
  • Wine Rain Barrel, another basic model works well and adds charm


In addition to rain barrel products, we have all needed accessories for using rainwater more effectively. If you have questions or need help determining the right product or system, please give us a call. You may also want to take advantage of the educational materials and/or classes available.

Head to the “Books and Classes” section: You’ll find a selection of educational materials and services designed to support your efforts in conserving water and contributing to a healthier ecosystem. In addition to literature that can be purchased here, we are always available to help you over the phone or in person. You might also be interested in taking a class; times and dates are listed in this area as well.


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