RainFlo Flow Restrictor 15 GPM 1' FNPT 316L SS

RainFlo Flow Restrictor 15 GPM 1' FNPT 316L SS
The RF-FR15-100 is a 15 gpm flow restrictor with 1" by 1" FNPT connection. Construction is 316L stainless steel and NSF 61 approved materials in the restrictor orifice.
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A flow restrictor is a device with no moving parts which simply restricts the flow in order to ensure that a UV system is not exceeding its flow rating. UV systems are designed to deliver a specific UV dose at a specific flow rate therefore flow rate is very important. 

We offer a wide variety of flow restrictors manufactured from 316L stainless steel with each model being controlled by an orifice that is inserted in the body of the flow restrictor. The flow restrictor is manufactured from NSF 61 approved materials.