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ARCSA Rainwater Harvesting Master Program

The Rainwater Harvesting Master program is designed to recognize Accredited Professionals who have proven they are leaders in the rainwater harvesting industry. This is the highest designation offered by ARCSA.

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For administrative reasons, registration and payment must be made through ARCSA directly.

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In order to enroll in the Rainwater Harvesting Master Program, the student must meet the following prerequisites: 

Requirements for the "RWHM” designation:

  • ARCSA Membership
  • ARCSA current Accredited Professional (AP) designation
  • 42 hours of additional instruction/CEUs above the AP designation
  • Complete the Design and Construction Workshop
  • Completion and passing of the Design and Construction take-home problem (a blind committee will grade). The design must be submitted within 60 days of the Design and Construction Workshop or receiving the design problem.
  • Completion of and an 80% passing score on the closed book RWHM test.


Note: Applicants for RWHM designation must meet all requirements, except the five design/construction projects, before they take the RWHM test. Applicants will have up to five years after attending the Design/Construction Workshop to complete all the RWHM requirements.

Complete the design and/or construction of five (5) acceptable (no rainbarrel systems allowed) systems that meet the ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI 63-2013 Standard; it is up to the applicant to state how the system meets the Standard. These additional five rainwater collection systems need to be designed by the applicant after receiving the Accredited Professional recognition.

Click here for the Event Calendar including a complete schedule of workshops.

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