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ARCSA Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting Workshops

ARCSA’s Initial Course "Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting” is a one-day, 6 -7 hour course designed to educate professionals, regulators, decision makers, business and home owners, and other individuals interested in the process of planning and constructing an effective, safe rainwater collection system that meets the needs of the client

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For administrative reasons, registration and payment must be made through ARCSA directly.

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This course will provide an overview of rainwater harvesting, history, uses and applicability to conserving rainfall as a natural resource. Concepts and techniques are introduced on harvesting rain for non-potable uses such as landscape irrigation and wildlife management.

Demonstrations are conducted to reinforce the concepts learned through rainfall simulations and the use of a simple rainfall harvesting system.The cost to attend this workshops is $75. While we recommend that novices to rainwater harvesting understand the basics, the Intro workshop is not a prerequisite for Professional Accreditation.

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