Viqua UVMAX Pro10 Series 10 GPM UV Disinfection System 650647

Viqua UVMAX Pro10 Series 10 GPM UV Disinfection System 650647
The Viqua UVMAX Pro10 is a 10 GPM NSF Class A certified UV disinfection system is equipped with the advanced features you expect from a professional light commercial system.
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Product Description:

For more than fifty years, Viqua has engineered and manufactured products that have set the standard in the industry. Attention to detail and sound science ensures the best solutions to meet your drinking water disinfection needs long into the future. UVMAX Pro-Series Systems are ideally suited for light commercial applications such as, hospitals, doctor's offices, daycare centers and other facilities who benefit from safe water.

Viqua UVMAX Pro10 System is certified to NSF/ANSI 55 Class-A for disinfection performance. The UVMAX Pro10 can also automatically activate a solenoid shutoff valve when the measured UV dosage falls below the minimum intensity threshold.
Features of the UVMAX Pro10:

  • Equipped to inactivate chlorine-resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, harmful bacteria like E.Coli and viruses not visible to the naked eye
  • The UVMAX systems use a revolutionary lamp with twice the output of current high-output lamps, giving you compact single-lamp systems that are half the size of their predecessors.
  • Revolutionary amalgam lamps last up to two years, reducing maintenance requirements
  • CoolTouch cooling technology significantly reduces water temperature and does not waste any water.
  • Easy Quarter-Twist Assembly: A quarter-twist to the positive stop and you’re done. No tools and no risk of over tightening.
  • The power supply has an intuitive user interface – showing you the performance of the system.
  • All connections are color coded – simply plug and play!
  • Built-in dynamic flow restrictor
  • The optional COMMcenter system displays dose in real-time and can monitor up to 9 UV systems - that’s up to 90 GPM!
  • The solenoid valve stops water flow in the event that water treatment is compromised.

Flow-based UV dosage:

Viqua UVMAX Pro systems now include a flow-meter, completely re-designed UV sensor and upgraded software to provide accurate real-time UV dose measurement and reporting according to the actual water flow. The UXMAX Pro system with VIQUA’s custom-engineered flow meter offers real-time dosing and fail-safe flow detection, so it won’t trigger nuisance alarms in low flow conditions. By measuring the actual flow instead of assuming it is running at a fixed rate, the integrated software calculates the actual "real-time” UV dose for that flow. This means the system will only alarm when there really is a low UV issue. The UVMAX Pro series with flow meter are the only NSF validated systems on the market that calculate real-time UV dosing. Please note that part numbers for the Pro Series systems do not change.

Pro-Series Specifications:


How Does UV Disinfection Work:

Ultraviolet light in the 200 to 300 nm (UV-C) range is most effective at destroying bacteria and viruses by altering their DNA. This natural, non-chemical method of treatment penetrates and permanently alters the DNA of the microorganisms in a process called thymine dimerization. The microorganisms are "inactivated” and rendered unable to reproduce or infect.

In UVMAX water treatment units, two different UV wavelengths are employed: 185nm and 254nm:

254nm UV light is called the germicidal light because of its ability to inactivate microorganisms. It penetrates the outer cell wall of the microorganism, passes through the cell body, reaches the DNA and alters the genetic material, destroying the organism.

The 185nm UV light decomposes the organic molecules. The 185nm light carries more energy than the 254nm light. The 185nm light generates hydroxyl free radicals from water molecules. The hydroxyl radical is often referred to as the "detergent" of the troposphere because it reacts with many pollutants, often acting as the first step to their removal. It also has an important role in eliminating some greenhouse gases like methane and ozone. Hydroxyl radicals play a major role in the Advanced Oxidation Process which refers to a set of chemical treatment procedures designed to remove organic (and sometimes inorganic) materials in water and waste water by oxidation through reactions with hydroxyl radicals.

UVMAX Pro Series Warranty:

  • Ten-Year Limited Warranty for UV Chamber
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty for Electrical and Hardware Components
  • One-Year Limited Warranty for Lamps, Sleeves and UV Sensors

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