Poly-Mart 250 Gallon First Flush Tank, 4' Inlet

Poly-Mart 250 Gallon First Flush Tank, 4' Inlet
The Poly-Mart 250 Gallon First Flush Tank captures and diverts the initial 250 gallons of low quality rainwater which would otherwise end up in your rainwater collection tank.
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If you think about the time that goes by between rain events, roofs can get pretty dirty from accumulated dust, various pollen from plants and trees, leaves, sticks, acorns, bird and squirrel droppings, etc. Poly-Mart First Flush Tanks are installed between the standard pre-filter and your water storage tank to collect and divert the fine particulate debris in the first bit of water coming off of your roof. Once it’s been filled, the water coming off of your roof will be far cleaner than without a first flush system. With proper plumbing, the rainwater will bypass the First Flush Tank and flow into your primary storage tank(s). Depending on your preference, you can either drain the tank manually or adjust the included spigot to drain slowly in order to be ready for the next rain event.

Tank Features:
  • Seamless, heavyweight 1.9 specific gravity construction for durability
  • 4" inlet on top flat
  • 1.5" bulkhead fitting on top for the raised PVC vent pipe
  • 1.5" bulkhead fitting with plug for draining and cleaning
  • Raised .75" bulkhead fitting with brass hose spigot
  • Available in Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Red Brick, Light Green, Dark Green, Olive Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Beige, Natural and Black (see colors below)
  • Poly-Mart 5 year warranty
  • Also available with SunShield

  • 250 gallons of diversion capacity
  • Dimensions: 36" diameter x 67" height
  • Weight: 80 lbs
The raised PVC vent pipe is installed to vent the displaced air and also to maintain equal hydrostatic pressure matching the primary water storage tank. The pipe may be turned horizontally but needs to remain free of blockages and extend up to or above the maximum level of the primary collection tank.

Tanks ship from:

  • Austin, TX

Tank Documents:

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Poly-Mart Tank Durability Test Video:

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