HP-200 Aerating Pump

HP-200 Aerating Pump
A low-cost, effective method to aerate your rainwater collection tank to avoid the possibility of your water becoming stagnant.
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Product Description:

The HP-200 aerating pump offers a variety of fixation methods and the pump and flow direction can be adjusted 360°. The unique, patented dual-motor design allows for a stronger aeration effect in a smaller package. The HP-200 uses a high-strength wear-resistant shaft core and is made for continuous use.

The product uses an electric magnetic motor and the air is produced by a piston through straight-line and reciprocal motion. Non-oil lubrication and pure compressed air. Uses a new type of wear-resistant material for the piston and cylinder which results in low power consumption, large air output, and high air pressure.

Unit includes an air pump with dual air outlets and a 2.5 foot power cord. Additionally, the unit includes 2 check valves to keep water from blowing into the pump motor. The check valves should be installed so that air flows from the clear end to the black end.

Standard 3/16" I.D. air tubing is required to install this device.

Air stones are not recommended for use in rainwater tanks. They can easily become clogged and reduce efficiency.


Model HP-200
Power (w) 2.5
Power (Volts) 110V / 60Hz
Max Output 2 X 0.24 gal/min
Gross weight (lbs) 1.4
Pressure MPa 0.01
Packaging Dimensions 6" x 2" x 4"

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